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What do you guys think of my voice?

Posted by GHXULERS - 6 days ago

I was bored, so i thought i'd do something like "Share my [Cringy] voice with the internet" because why the hell not?

Whadya guys think? UWU

Wanna hear me read some copy pastas or some other dumb trash?

EDIT : Made another one where i read an extremely stale copy pasta


Comments (8)

Not bad at all! Wouldn't mind hearing something longer. Maybe something you've written?

Yeah, that ain't happening because i'm a terrible writer, lol.
I could always try reading some copy pastas though...

I thought you wanted to get into that though. XD But yeah, pasta sounds good too.

I did, but i still don't know where to start!

Despacito 2 when? Also, your voice is just fine.

It'll be released in 2020, also, thanks!

Uh, not much to go on, but...you sound a little like Eugene from The Walking Dead. He has a fairly even, robot-like speech pattern.

Yeah, that was on purpose because i thought i'd better not sound "Too enthusiastic" or else people might think my voice is more cringy than it already is. plus, i was kinda nervous so...

Let me give ya some big tips. FUCK USB mics and get a XLR setup. You need a USB audio interface with 48v phantom power. You can find pretty cheap ones made by Behringer for $50 or less. This opens you up to a wide range of microphones that are not just cheaper but with a much better sound quality over the typical USB Blue Yetis and AT2020s. Now for doing basic vocals and commentary I'd recommend a condenser microphone. The king of cheap condensers is most likely the BM800 which is a Chinese microphone that is constantly rebranded but you can find it as cheap as $15. But if you want to get really loud with your voice then you'd want a dynamic microphone. You'll want to get something similar to a Shure SM58 which there are hundred of alternatives. Your voice aint bad and it takes practice to get really good.

Thanks for the advice, fam. i appreciate it.

I oughta have you listen to mine, but my old mic likes to not work often and this old computer doesn't even acknowledge the mic on my new headset whenever I plug it in.

That's a shame... i kinda wanted to hear your voice tbh. :(

That's just it. It does work. It just also doesn't at times. I could probably talk on Discord or something for ya.

Sounds good to me. i'll make a Discord account and send you a request soon. c:

You just gotta start man! ;) It'll keep rolling from there!

Yea, guess you're right.